Personal Thanks from Kyle

A personal thanks from Kyle for this wonderful blog about him!

"Thanks guys". Yeah, really, that's all he said.

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Kyle, so brave...

Kyle, so brave!

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Who is Kile Zeller?

Kile Zeller's history can be tracked back to the 11th century in the time of the three great empires of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Shortly after the Neolithic revaluation that settled human culture down, many of the warriors from these three mighty kingdoms remained mobile and went on great raids of the neighboring civilizations. This lasted for numerous centuries where the Zeller lineage can be traced back. Jump starting through many years, to the Finland rebellion and liberation, an ancient ancestor of the modern Zeller's, Rohan the large Shombga who singlehandedly wiped out an entire colony of plebeians who, although begin for mercy, had argued that the raiders should leave them alone because of their curious economic predicament. All their potatoes were black. Yes, the bubonic plague was hitting the potatoes first, and then would soon advance onto the yams and turnips. After creating a personal warship, one of these brave men, so brave, attacked the potatoes himself. It was so implausible, it might even be considered 'potatoable'.

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